Discover the Area: the Doubs and the Jura Mountains

The “Sur la Roche” Inn is perched at an altitude of 1150 meters, and represents a pleasant point of departure in the discovery of the natural and historic marvels of the "Haut Doubs: the watchmakers’ country".

We are at the beginning of the mythical GTJ (Great Jura Traverse), which can be travelled by ski, by foot or by mountain bike, and we are also situated along the GR5 (international hiking trail). The alpine ski resort, Meis Musy, is only 1 km. away.

In Villers-le-Lac (10 mn)

In Morteau (15 mn)

In Pontarlier (35 mn)

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Only 5 mins. from the Swiss border, one can get out of the European Union for a few hours and go to "the Locle or Neuchatel", (the native town of "Le Corbusier", the great architect) or to Neuchatel Lake.

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 Bassins du Doubs (Villers-le-Lac)

Saut du Doubs (Villers-le-Lac)

Musée de l'Horlogerie (Morteau)

Château de Joux (Pontarlier)

Neiges dans le Haut-Doubs



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