An historic monument


La famille Choppard devant la ferme (1895)

Built in 1777, the Choppards’ Farm, “Sur la Roche”, is now classified as an historic monument for its façade of "Tavaillons” (thin planks of spruce cut lengthwise, dried, and placed in staggered rows).

If walls could speak, they would tell endless stories of the lives of those people who have lived within them as well as of their region’s history and climate. Because they were constructed to stand up to the harsh elements of their environment, the farm-houses of the Franche-Comté have remained beautiful even after hundreds of years.


Séchage des jambons dans le tuyé

Objets de la vie d'autrefois

They serve as testaments of the daily lives of the people of the watchmakers’ region, the Haut-Doubs.

They were built to protect not only the large families of the region, but also the cattle and the fodder during the long winter months. The enormous roof-tops are therefore supported by sturdy frames resembling wooden cathedrals, with beams made from entire trees.

The size of the roof is important in its ability to collect large amounts of rainwater, in a karstic environment where running water is scarce.

Since the 1983 conversion of the Choppards’ farm to a travellers’ inn, tourists are offered the chance to enjoy a holiday which is authentic to the region of the Franche-Comté.



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